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Saturday, November 10, 2012 11:03 AM

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Access to the family history data I hold on living persons is normally barred. These data are shown as "Private" on all pages on which they appear. Family members can apply for a login which removes the privacy bar. Click Login on the top banner of Webtrees and choose the Request new user account option and fill in the form.

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Brian Gautier

Albert Collard Gautier
Birth: February 22, 1892 35 31 88 Westbourne Road
Death: December 30, 1939Leeds Infirmary
Jules Paul Victor (AKA George) Gautier
Birth: October 9, 1856 25 20 11 Bryan Place
Death: July 13, 1919Northumberland House
Birth: November 15, 1830 35 27 71 Rue De St. Jean
Death: February 28, 1914Brighton County Borough Asylum
Tom Baron
Birth: December 21, 1863 19 North Frodingham
Death: January 8, 1940Bridlington
Ernest Edward Twose
Birth: September 15, 1881 26 24 Gas Street
Death: December 19, 196084 Windsor Crescent
Jules Victor Gautier
Birth: August 11, 1917 25 24 91 Hanley Road
Death: May 9, 2003Westminster Care Home
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